When you live, breathe and sleep horses…

Bank holiday fun

I’m quite certain that most equestrians would agree that bank holidays are made for maximum horsing around…



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Horse riding is hard

So I’m sat here on my sofa watching the dressage from Badminton Horse Trials, explaining it all to my boyfriend and acting like some sort of pro Eventing coach even though I have never and will never Event.

Horse riding is hard

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Hip openers for horse riders

I’ve recently been riding in a Dressage saddle and boy has it made my hips tight and sore.


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The rider who always looks good

I bet you know one of these people, all yards have them…

never fade

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Why I love this time of year

Longer evenings, hacks in t-shirts and grass in areas that used to resemble quagmires are just some of the reasons why I particularly love having horses at this time of year. Here’s why else I love April…

Why I

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Sunny Sunday bonding

It’s official, the love affair with Hooch has started.

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Spring has sprung

Spring truly arrived today with the temperature reaching 18 degrees and I’m embarking on a new adventure…

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Spice up your life!

I’ve taken the plunge and I’d like to introduce a new man in my life… Meet Spice!


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How to deal with open spaces and having no brakes

Open spaces are notoriously terrifying. Here are my top tips to riding in them. Cee 4

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