10 Human products that can be used on Horses

Horsey products can be expensive, it’s an unfortunate fact of life. Luckily, there is a whole plethora of human products that can be used on your equine friends and can help you to save a lot of money (and a trip to the tack shop). Here I explore some…


Yep, you heard it here first. And no, your fluffy friend doesn’t want a cup of tea. Teabags can be used to help clean and heal gunky and sore eyes. Simply pour boiling water over one and let it cool completely, then remove the bag and squeeze out the excess and wipe it all over the eyes. Tea is soothing and the soft bag is gentle enough to use on a delicate area.

This nappy cream is great to heal small cuts, wounds, bites and spots on humans, and guess what? You can use it on your pony too! The natural antibacterial lavender makes it gentle enough for your horse. Just be careful though, it is thick and bright white, so it may not be suitable for darker horses if you are going showing etc.

The mother of amazing products! I used baby wipes for so many things at home and I have extended the use to my horses now. Don’t bother paying for expensive under-the-tail or eye and muzzle wipes; just use baby wipes instead! You can get a ginormous packet for a pound and if they are gentle enough for a baby’s butt, then I say they are gentle enough for my horse.

I also take a packet to shows as they are great for last minute boot cleaning before you enter the ring and cleaning up the obligatory ketchup spill from your burger van treat!

Your horse’s tail is super important; you spend hours brushing it and all sorts of detangling products on it. Next time you wash it, try some human conditioner. If you get the super-rich kind for damaged hair, your horse’s tail will remain shiny and tangle free for days. As well as smelling amazing.  Just use it the same way you would in your own hair. It’s so much cheaper!

Vaseline. Oh it has so many uses! Use it in winter to coat the inside of your horse’s hooves to stop snow and frost balling. Use it in Summer instead of expensive show makeup to highlight your horse’s facial features. Use it on your own lips all year round whilst at the yard.  It’s really worth having a big pot of this cheap gloop in your kit. Just one word of warning though, be careful when putting it on pale-skinned horses in the summer – the shiny surface attracts the sunshine and can burn your horse.

Now, I know this works because I tried it recently. It may seem absolutely crazy, but there is something in tomato ketchup that makes your whites whiter than white! I must admit, I was terrified to squeeze some on to my horse’s white legs in case he went pink, but I was so surprised at the results. I found it best to wash them first with normal shampoo. Massage in the ketchup whist still damp, leave for 5 minutes then rinse. Give it a go if you’re brave enough!

Poultices are really expensive. Nappies on the other hand are about the same price for a whole pack as a single, pre-cut poultice can be. They even have the added bonus of the sticky straps that you can wrap all around the hoof to keep it snugly in place. Just use it the way you would use a pre-prepared poultice.

Tea Towels
I have several tea towels lurking around at the yard. I use them to cover Cee’s pre-made dinners and breakfasts. I use them to dry my hands and I use clean ones as a duster-type cloth to remove loose hair and dust after a full groom; they give a lovely shine.

Baby Powder
If you’ve run out of leg-whitening chalk, baby powder will do exactly the same job. I apply it on to a body brush and rub it in to Cee’s white legs before a show and it has the added bonus of smelling delicious.

Sun Cream
Sun cream is really important on humans and horses alike, but there really is no need to buy specially designed, expensive equine versions. Try human sun cream for children, it is high SPF and will also be more rub and water resistant. Added bonus – you can steal some for yourself if you forget yours!

Do you have any human products that you use on your horse? Let me know in the comments section…

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