My haul

How much do you normally spend on riding wear? A new pair of breeches usually costs me about £70, maybe even more. Well my friends, I’ve just been delivered a delicious haul of clothes from and here is what I got..


I must start with these breeches. When I saw them online, I had several reactions; I thought that it must be a typo and that they can’t really be that cheap. Then I thought that the quality must be shockingly bad for that price. Then finally I thought oh well, I may as well try two pairs for a tenner and try them out.

Yes, you heard right, breeches for £5 each. I’ll just let that sink in before I continue.

When the package arrived, I was most excited about seeing what the quality of these breeches was like. I was certainly pleased. They are a lovely thick, stretchy fabric which reminded me of my beloved, ten year old pair of Harry Hall jods (very old-school) that have recently split open. These are low rise and pull on. I know this doesn’t suit everyone’s taste, but I personally hate the standard high-waisted breeches as I find when they fit my legs nicely, they are too tight around my waist and end up cutting in. I also don’t like that feeling of having my trousers pulled up too high – it’s a bit too Simon Cowell for me!

The fit in the leg for me was perfect and the fabric stayed tight and even all the way down to the velcro calf fastenings. I absolutely love the colours, especially the grey and I just cannot get over the price! Even if these only last ten rides, they would still be an absolute bargain and I’d have no worries doing the dirty jobs such as mucking out in these either.

I had not heard of the make before – “Fouganza” but you can check out there website here.


My second deal with this fab bright pink Tottie fleece which I picked up for £15.99. I know it might be a little premature and you’ll all groan when you read this, but sooner than we know it, the evenings will be drawing in and it will have us reaching for our extra layers.

This fleece will be perfect for riding. It is super soft and snuggly, much better quality than I was expecting for the price. I absolutely love the subtle polka dots inside the hood and the small motif on the arm and I think the black lining and piping manage to tone down the pink nicely. What I like most is that the fleece zips up to form a high collar around the neck, almost eliminating the need for a scarf and perfect for winter hacks (especially as it is so bright too!). The fit is snug and smart and I think I will also pack this baby for my winter ski trip as it’s smart enough to been seen in on the slopes as well as at the yard. Well done Tottie.


Finally, another winter hoody which I picked up for £10. I didn’t find this purchase as earth-shattering as my other two. I mean, it’s fine, but it is just a cotton hoody, lacking in anything technical that would help me in an equestrian sense. The only horsey reference is in the decoration which has Alltech Normandie 2014 branding. The website didn’t clearly show this, which was a bit of a disappointment as I don’t really want to be walking round in a 2014 hoody when we are midway through 2015! None the less, it was ten pounds and fits nicely, so this one will probably be for general “mooching” at the yard, rather than for riding or anything classy!


Overall, for £36 (not including £5 postage) I am really pleased with the selection of clothes I got from and I will certainly be keeping an eye out for more bargains and am looking forward to testing these items properly as the cooler weather greets us in a few months.

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