Verdo: My life saver!

Today I wanted to talk about Verdo Bedding and how it has basically changed my life!


Cee is a very wet and very messy horse. And I don’t just mean he’s dirty because he stays in a lot; I think he actively holds in all his urine until he gets to the stable and then lets loose!

This obviously costs an awful lot in shavings, not to mention the time and effort it takes to muck out. In winter the problem is even worse because he spends more time in the stable and he also enjoys laying down a lot, so it is even more important to keep his bed clean and dry because I don’t want his rugs stained and ruined, or him smelling or being uncomfortable.

I had come across Verdo as a bedding before, but I had seen it being used alone as opposed to alongside shavings. Anyway, it was recommended that I try a layer of Verdo (which is essentially wood pellets that absorb moisture and expand/crumble as they do so) underneath my shavings to help keep the bed dry.

I started off with an entire bag on the base of my stable, then added normal shavings as usual. Straight away, the difference was clear and the bed stayed much drier. I found that the urine gets soaked up by the Verdo and is then held together in one place, which not only keeps the bed drier, but also makes it a lot easier to remove the wet areas with a shavings fork as they clump together on the floor of the stable. This is especially helpful with Cee, who enjoys nothing more than kicking his bedding around!

Now the weather is warmer and he is spending much more time out in the field, I am finding that I only need to put half a bag of Verdo in my stable per week. But I can now rest easy knowing that this Winter is not going to be so horrific and I won’t need to spend as much time (or money) on mucking out!

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