A Bot of Bother…

Recently I’ve been in a spot of bother with Bot Eggs. They are gross, sticky and have incredible staying power…

Bot eggs

I was grooming yesterday when I noticed these yucky yellow bot eggs all over Cee’s legs.

I can’t believe how quickly hundreds of them appeared! He was clear the day before and has also had a thorough bath this week with hot water and shampoo.

So anyway, it was quite late when I noticed them (sod’s law I was about to leave to go home for dinner) and of course I couldn’t find a bot knife, so I tried to pick them out with my fingers. This failed miserabley as they are such sticky little suckers. I felt like the mother of a child who comes home from school with head lice!

Next I tried the blunt edge of some scissors and this got some off, but I was really worried that I was going to slice in to his delicate tendons. That would not be ideal. So I took him outside, bribed with a huge bucket of hay and scrubbed his legs with baby shampoo which got rid of a few more.

Finally someone came to my rescue and offered me a bot knife and I managed to get rid of the rest of them, getting home by 9.15pm (I was so hungry!!).

I’m hoping that with careful maintenance, I will be able to keep these pesky beasts at bay, because if a horse licks or bites bot eggs from their legs then they can hatch in to larvae and gestate in the mouth causing irritation and pain and if swallowed, they can cause real harm to the horse’s insides.

I think I’m going to double up on the fly repellent too…!


  1. Hate bot eggs! Some of them that I’ve encontered won’t even come off with a bot knife 😦
    I’ve tried an old fashioned Lice Comb, and it worked pretty well! Worth giving it a try!


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