A Poorly Pair (Arthritis and Pleurisy)

Unfortunately Cyryl-bear and I have not been feeling so well recently. He has been on/off lame recently and I have just been diagnosed with pleurisy…

So together we have been a bit of a poorly pair 😦

For a while now, he has been ever-so slightly lame. Not hopping, and sometimes not even noticeable, but I could feel it when I rode. He just felt a little strange and a little uneven.

This did happen about 9 months ago, and we took him for a trip to the horsey hospital. The diagnosis was that he wasn’t consistently lame and we could either ‘wear him in to the ground’ and make him so lame that it was obvious where it was coming from, or carry on as normal and see what happens. Anyway, we went away with some (expensive) joint supplement and did indeed carry on to see what happened.

The lameness ultimately came back, but was only really obvious when schooling. He never seemed in any sort of discomfort when hacking.

So the vet came out, nerve blocked him and x-rayed him and the diagnosis was arthritis in both hocks. She advised that a steroid injection in to the joint would be the best option and would provide 6 months to a year’s worth of pain relief. We went ahead with it and apparently it takes about three weeks to see the results. Until then, we will just do some very gentle exercise.

Obviously this isn’t great news at all and I’m quite worried because I’ve been reading online about these joint injections sometimes being very disappointing and not actually making any difference. But we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

His lameness has actually come at quite a good time (if there ever is one?!) because I’ve been quite poorly recently too. I started off with a virus a few weeks back and a terrible cough which just didn’t shift. I started getting chest pains and difficulty breathing, so saw my GP who diagnosed Pleurisy. It sounds like the Victorian Plague, but it just means that I have inflamed lungs, which is really painful and hurts more when I exercise. No riding for me!

I’ve even found being around horses is making my symptoms a lot worse. I think it must be the dust or something, so I’ve started wearing a dust mask when I muck out. I’m hoping so much that I haven’t suddenly developed a horse allergy!! I honestly don’t know what I’d do!

Anyway, hopefully Cee and I will both be back on the mend soon, so we can continue with our adventures!


  1. Hi! Thank you so much for following. You’ll enjoy some upcoming posts. I used to compete and train horses in dressage. I getting back into it, which is comedy in itself, and breaking a horse. Hope you and Cyryl-bear are well. Best, Cora

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