Autumn is coming… Why won’t it stop raining?!

It’s been raining solidly for days. I’ve had to put a scarf on at work and it pains me to say it more because it’s still August!!

I should be enjoying hot summer rides and worrying about flies and sunburn, but instead I’m planning for what seems like an imminent Autumn…

IMG_3361 (3)

My Autumn To-Do list is as follows:

  • Swap Cyryl’s routine round so he is in the stable at night and out during the day
  • Get fly rugs washed and store them away – let’s face it, we don’t need them any more!
  • Similarly, dig out his turnout rugs and warmer stable rugs/fleeces
  • Make sure we have an endless supply of Verdo to keep his stable as dry as possible whilst he will be inside for longer
  • Research upcoming dressage competitions to practice for as we soon won’t be able to hack in the evenings on weekdays and will need something else to keep us busy
  • Find my wellies and coat with a hood!!

Obviously when it does get properly colder and wetter I will assess his feed and hay intake to compensate for the lack of grass and will keep a close eye on his legs for the dreaded mud-fever, but until then, I will continue to grumble about this very wet August.

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