A gap in the rain made an interesting evening

Well the rain finally let off enough for us to manage a quick hack after work this evening and by the time I got the the yard, it was actually quite a pleasant evening.


We decided to pop round the fields for a gentle half an hour, but Cee is obviously feeling better as he was quite full of it! He isn’t one for getting his feet wet and decided to jump a huge puddle from standing! It took me by surprise to say the least, but luckily (for him) I saw the funny side!

It definitely feels like Autumn is coming and whilst riding, I spied some damsons and sloes growing already!


I can’t wait for the first frost so I can pick them and make sloe gin! Last year’s batch was delicious. I also saw a lone deer and she was beautiful. Luckily Cee didn’t clock her in the distance; I’m always a bit nervous about the way they seem to spring from nowhere, right onto your path!

On the way back down to the barn you have to pass the outdoor arena and tonight a young boy was having a jumping lesson. I have no idea why, but this really upset Cyryl and he wouldn’t walk past and was spooking all over the place! It’s really unlike him and I hope it was just him feeling a bit fresh and excited.

One thing I had erased from my memory that came back to haunt me tonight was mud. Mud everywhere. I had to wash his legs when we got back, wipe down his girth and wash my own boots before I got in the car. Hello bad weather, my old friend.

So to conclude, a lovely evening hack once the rain finally let up. The only annoying thing was that I totally forgot to put his night hay in the stable before I left and had to turn round and drive back to do it!!


    • Urgh so annoying!! I normally do a mental check as I’m leaving… hay – check, feed – check, water – check, put tack away – check. But I don’t know what came over me last night – must have been all the mud haha.

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