Having fun with Lovely Leo

There’s one thing better than horses and that’s best friends with horses! Luckily I have someone who completely shares my passion. Actually, she is the one responsible for my addiction in the first place. Anyway, over the bank holiday weekend  I went to visit her beautiful Leo…

Leo 4 turned

Leo has been in Jo’s life for 7 years now and I have seen him change from an excitable warmblood, to a lovely older man. That said, he is still quite a tricky ride and has a tendancy to tense up, so needs an assertive, yet understanding rider. Being Jo’s horse, obviously she has this nailed and they look great together. Me on the other hand…

The aim of the session was to lightly exercise him in walk and trot, mostly going large in the arena and avoiding any small circles as unfortunately he has arthritis in his hock and has just been injected again. Sounds like Cyryl!

When I first got on, he had his head in the air and felt like he wanted to  either explode or take off with me. He was like a coiled spring and to be quite honest, I was totally freaked out!! Jo recommended getting going straight away and working him down in to an outline so he had something to concentrate on.

He felt good and like Dudley, it was nice to be on a horse who is much more uphill than Cyryl. Unfortunatlely he is still a little stiff, but hopefully with continued gentle exericse the injections will kick in and he will be back to health.

The session was going quite well, so I gave him a long rein to stretch down. Big mistake. Poor Leo thought that he was done, so when I gathered him up again, he wasn’t having any of it. He got quite argumentative with the contact and I could feel myself tensing up. As he is a sensitive soul, my tension transferred straight to him and just made the problem a lot worse. The poor guy ended up in a bit of a pickle and I felt bad because I knew that I should have relaxed.

However I’m going to be positive and just focus on the better half of the session, where he was soft and round and a pleasure to ride. The gorgeous new dressage saddle helped too and I now have saddle envy.

It was lovely to spend time with Leo and make use of the gorgoues indoor school on such a rainy and miserable bank holiday. So thanks Leo and thanks Jo!

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