A tender moment

Last night I roped my partner in to coming to the yard with me. When we first met he had never even been near a horse, but he’s been spending time with Cyryl and I think they are developing a real bond.

We went to the yard straight from work and I couldn’t find him after I went to get changed. What I saw next was the most precious moment ever…


I walked up the aisle of stables, noticing that Cyryl’s door was open. As I peeked in, there was Cyryl laying in his bed snoozing whilst Ben stroked his face! It melted my heart! He stayed there and I crept in and joined them and the three of us had a lovely cuddle right there on the floor of the stable.

I wanted to take a photo but it was too much of a perfect moment to spoil. The photo above is from when I caught Cee snoozing in the past.

We fed him some carrots in bed and once he finally decided to get up, Ben walked with me round the fields whilst I rode. It was lovely showing him where Cyryl and I spend our “alone time” together and a beautiful evening overall.

I don’t think Ben will ever be as obsessed as I am, but it’s touching to see him make an effort with Cyryl and when Cyryl reciprocates and trusts Ben, it makes me feel fuzzy inside.


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