Product Review: Magic Brush

Today I am going to be reviewing this wondrous little thing: the Magic Brush…

Magic brush 1

Now I must say, when I first saw these, I thought they were quite overpriced for something that looks fairly cheap and simple. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the HUGE range of colours available, so I bought one.

The maker claims that these brushes are super versatile and can be used over the entire body, including mane, tail, and hooves. The brush can then be reversed and the back used as a handy sweat scraper.

So, to conduct a true test, I have been using a Magic Brush for a good few months on Cyryl.

What I like most about this brush are the close together plastic bristles that really lift scurf, mud and loose hair from the coat. I haven’t found anything as effective at removing dry mud, it is literally so quick and easy with this little number.

Magic brush 2

Also, cleaning the brush is super easy. Hair lifts out in one clump because the bristles are flexible so you can pull it out easily. An added bonus is that it is fully plastic, meaning you can rinse or wash it and not cause any damage.

Cyryl gets quite itchy and I think he enjoyed the good scratch that this brush provided compared to a normal body or dandy brush. The Magic Brush has his nod of approval! It’s also great for bath-time to scrub the shampoo in and he was literally squeaking clean afterwards.

What the brush isn’t so great at is mane and tail brushing. Now this might not be the case with all horses, but Cyryl has a very thick (typical Welshy) mane and tail and I found that the bristles just didn’t get deep enough inside the hair to be able to de-tangle it properly. It’s okay for a quick tidy up, but I prefer my hairbrush style brush to do a more thorough job.

I must admit as well – I did use the (clean) Magic Brush in my own hair and it worked a treat!!

Overall, a great little brush to have around and so versatile.  If you were going to a show or event then this would be an essential to pack as it covers all bases. The rainbow of colours makes them even more fun too. I think I’m going to collect them all!

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