Seven reasons you are a bad livery customer…

If you keep your horse on a yard with more than a few customers, you will probably be all too aware that sometimes life can be less than harmonious! There is always that “pain in the butt” customer who wants the world and his wife provided. Here are 7 signs that you are the livery from hell…

Outdoor school

  1. You hog the indoor school. All the time. Even when it’s raining and you know that it will be busy, you still insist on building a whole course of jumps, or you ban anybody else from coming in as you are practising a Dressage test… Over and over again.
  2. Your horse has a very intricate diet, crammed full of different supplements to be served at different times of the day. Which need to be ground and prepared first. And fed by hand.
  3. Your horse is evil and you don’t reprimand him for biting the staff, for chewing holes in his stable door and for kicking out at other horses when you are riding. In fact, if anybody mentions you horse’s bad intentions, you fly off the handle and blame them for provoking him.
  4. In your spare time, you enjoy watching other people ride – particularly if they are having a lesson. You make loud tutting noises whenever anything goes wrong, and sometimes decide to offer you opinion, whether it’s wanted or not. You like people to feel nervous when you’re around!
  5. You have the best of everything and you love to shout about it. Everybody knows your horse’s bloodlines, the price of your new riding boots and that you have lessons with a famous showjumper.
  6. You pay to be at the yard, so it’s the staff’s job to clean up, right? It’s fine if your horse poos in the wash bay – someone else will clean it up. Same to the bedding that spills out in to the main walkway – why should you sweep up when someone else is paid to?
  7. You’ve never considered that some people come to the yard for peace, quiet and tranquillity. You like to do everything at 100mph and in your loudest voice. You screech at your kids, your dog and anybody else that you need to communicate with. You love nothing more than a good bitch and a moan about anyone and everyone and positive comment rarely leave your lips.


  1. Oh my, you obviously have been to my “old” barn!! We had one of those…fortunately (for us),, her horse tried to kill her and they put him down. (No I am NOT kidding). Only then did she realize that we weren’t lying about her horse’s behavior. We’ve not seen her since and we are all very grateful for it. We’re keeping very quiet about the “new” one wants her back.

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  2. I don’t like to ‘puff’ about my own blog, but read

    in my blog “Through the Bridle lightly’.

    I have several posts regarding Rebel. He was a dangerous horse, his owner was a true and utter b…h.

    I like your blog a lot. It’s well crafted and easily read.

    By the way, I learned the hard way…at first when I began blogging I used real names, real horse names, real place names. I didn’t get sued but almost…so now I change the names of people and places, and the names and breeds of horses.


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