Today I had the most glorious ride. You know the type where you get off and feel so thankful to be blessed with such a perfect horse?


Cyryl was a dream this afternoon. I went for a hack with my wonderful friend, Jenny and it was so nice to soak up the afternoon sun, chat and relax.

We encountered some obstacles that many horses would find scary – cows, sheep, motorbikes, vans, mini ponies, cyclists, a pushchair (yes, all in one ride!) and both the boys were completely chilled out and amazing and didn’t put a hoof wrong.

I’ve ridden a lot of spooky and hot horses in my time, but today I was very thankful for Cee’s lovely laid back temperament and being able to enjoy riding out without being on edge.

Needless to say, he got lots of treats, kisses and carrots when we got back to the stable!