Snug as a bug in a rug: Requisite review

So yesterday I went on a big shopping spree – the equestrian kind and tonight I popped up the yard to put Cee in his lovely fleece pyjamas from Robinsons. Ben brought his camera along for a little fashion show…

One of the rugs I went for was the Requisite soft fleece combo for him to wear at night time in this funny temperature where the nights are cool, but not quite cold enough for a full stable rug. I was pleased it came in a combo (as well as a standard) as he always needs to wear a neck so he doesn’t rub out his mane.

At the moment, the rug is on offer for the bargain price of £26.99 – amazing value for 7ft of fabric! Yes, Cyryl does wear the largest size rug ever!

The fabric is so soft!! I honestly couldn’t get enough of it! It’s like human blanket quality and once he was in it, I couldn’t get enough of him! Even Ben gave him a couple of big hugs and that’s quite a rarity. He just looked so cosy!

The fit was generally good and I’d say quite true to other 7ft rugs. It is quite snug around the shoulder, but Cee is very wide, so I was expecting that anyway. Besides, he always wears a bib to prevent any rubbing because of his size.

The neck was also snug, but again, I was expecting that. Cyryl regularly gets mistaken for a stallion because his neck is so huge! It also has one of those lovely fastenings where the velcro attaches inside a flap for extra security and I really like this as I’ve had rugs before where he has managed to catch the velcro tags and rip them off.

The length of the neck was great too, reaching right up to his ears to keep him cosy.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the quality of this garment and would definitely recommend it. I also think it will be great for travelling to winter shows in. It’s certainly smart enough to.

I bought some other exciting products from Robinsons too, so watch out for updates on those over the next few days!

In other news, Penny hacked Cee out today with her daughter around the fields and apparently he was full of the joys of Spring (Autumn) and had a good buck and a blast!! What a devil… I hope he wasn’t too naughty for her!

We had our first flat lesson since I’ve been ill this week too, he was absolutely fab! Really soft and also quite forward, which was a nice change! I couldn’t do too much cardio because of my breathing, but we did some fun exercises such as leg yielding in front of the new floor length mirror and four steps of walk, followed by four steps of rein back, followed by four steps of walk and so on.

I’m going to have another one this Thursday, fingers crossed we will be able to do a bit more by then. I’m feeling the urge to compete again!!


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