Product review: Requisite mane & tail conditioner

Cyryl has a typical Welsh D mane and tail – long and thick! So I put this conditioner to the test…

mane detangler

I grabbed another bottle of this when I went on my horsey spree at the weekend. It will be my third that I’ve used on Cyryl now, so I’ve given it a fair test over different seasons.

Let’s start with the look of the bottle. To me, it is functional and does the job. I mean, it’s not a pretty bottle, but I don’t mind and neither does Cyryl.  It also has lots of white space where I can write his name in marker pen – it’s amazing how quickly these can go missing at the yard!

The application is a standard trigger bottle and the nozzle provides a wide and even application; don’t you hate those spray bottles that fire product out in one small stream and soak some of the tail and miss the rest?

For Cyryl, I apply a generous spritz to the mane and tail and brush it through with a brush that looks like this:

mane brush

I find this style of brush much easier to handle when battling with a thick tail!

The product works well at detangling and has a fresh, not too sweet scent.  It also lasts for several days and Cee’s tail remains easy to brush, even when he’s come in from the field.

The manufacturer claims that the product deeply moisturises and strengthens the mane and tail, helping it to grow longer. I haven’t experienced any breakages or dryness with Cee, and I have to regularly pull his mane and tail, so who knows – maybe it does work!

What I can say is, for £6.49 for 500ml, this is one of the best value detanglers on the market today. I personally think it works as well as some of its top competitors, which usually retail for nearly double the price.

If you want a functional bargain, then snap this up at Robinsons!

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