Naughty boy!

I left a note in the diary for Cyryl to be brought in from the field by 1.30pm today as I was hacking at 2pm. I arrived at the yard to see this message on the whiteboard:


What a naughty boy!! He refused to let anybody catch him!

I don’t know why he’s started doing this recently, but he’s decided that it’s far too nice in the field and refuses to let anybody who works at the yard catch him!

Dare I say it, he’s even turned and tried to kick one of the staff!


What I find even more amusing (which I really shouldn’t) is that when I arrive at the field, he sees me and trots over to me, almost as though he wants to come in!!

Earlier in the year he started these antics and not a single member of staff could catch him, one of the girls tried for an hour and he ended up staying in the field for two whole days until I arrived and he canted over to me!

Look at this little face, its as if butter wouldn’t melt! I even let him graze on the way down to the barn.

good boy

After a bit of a crisis where Penny had accidentally put my bridle on a different peg and I ended up having to dig out his show bridle, we went for a fabulous road hack with two other ladies from the yard. He was hoof-perfect the whole way and got lots of cookies on our return.

Does anybody else have a naughty naughty pony, who is actually an angel for mummy?!


  1. I bet the staff don’t let him eat on the way in. You do so you look more appealing?
    Mine will go to anyone even if they don’t want her. Sometimes she brings her friends with her when I just want her and not the buddies.

    Glad you enjoyed your ride. Are you still in a T shirt, I am.

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    • Haha yep! And I always take him a carrot or something too 🙂 Food really is the way to their heart!
      Well today I wore a jumper and regretted it as I was so hot! Lovely that it’s this temperature mid-October 😀


  2. Galahad is generally rather nervous of new people so he can be a bit of a pain for others. Having said that, he does occasionally have days when he is having far too much fun galloping round the field to let me catch him easily!

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  3. Mine quite often decides to run away from the staff, over electric fences until they give in! Totally comes in for Mummy though like a good little pony. I left him for a week whilst on holiday and very naughtily he tried to canter back into his box, with someone on board, when a staff member tried to mount him. Needless to say when I got back, he just stood there completely compliant. I had to do quite a bit of apologising!

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    • Hahaha oh my goodness what a nightmare!
      I chuckle to myself because I’m always banging on about how great Cyryl is, but everyone at he yard must think I’m loopy because he can be such a pig for them!


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