What’s in my bag?

So today I am doing the classic “what’s in my bag” post for my winter riding kit.

whats in my bag

I decided to do this style post because I finally got round to clearing out the back of my car, which was an absolute jumble of coats, shoes, gloves, jumpers, riding hats, you get the picture. After that, I was feeling super-organised and decided to re-pack my kit bag ready for the cold weather.

Anyway, this bag is one that will always stay in my car and contains the essentials that I may need when I’m at the yard. It excludes my riding hat and clothes, because I keep my hat there and I will always be wearing riding gear at the yard (I should hope!).

The bag itself is horsey, of course. My lovely sister got it for me from last year’s Badminton as I couldn’t make it. It’s made by Joules and has worn and washed really well (despite the care instructions saying do not wash).

For some reason, unknown to me, the inspiration for this post struck whilst I was on my upstairs landing, hence the wallpaper and bathroom tiles you can see!

Anyway, “what’s inside” I hear you ask! Let me show you…


Gloves are so essential to my Winter kit that I have three pairs with me at all times! I also have my regular SSG riding gloves, but I don’t ever do chores in them.

Above on the left are a really cheap (£1 for two from Primark) pair of gloves. The reason I have these is that they are dirt cheap, therefore I don’t mind getting them completely dirty and disgusting doing chores around the yard. I can just throw them in the wash after, or even in the bin once they’ve seen too much. On the right are my thermal ones which are fleece lined and super warm. They are a little more bulky so I’d only wear these when the weather is really freezing or when I was walking around the fields with the dog, for example.

riding gloves

As well as my normal riding gloves and two pairs of warm gloves, I also keep this pair of Horze blingy dressage gloves in my bag. These are a beautiful suede material and thin enough to feel a lovely contact. They come out for competitions if I’m feeling particularly girly. So there we have it, gloves for every occasion!

Next up:

wooly hat

My Regatta pompom hat! This is great for any time that I’m at the yard but without my riding hat. It’s super warm and lovely. I hope my mum isn’t reading this because technically this hat is hers and I’m not sure if she’s knows that it ‘disappeared’ to my house…!

I also really like to wear an ear warmer headband in winter. I have a really thin fleece one for skiing and it’s slim enough to wear under my hat for hacking in. For some strange reason, I get a really painful earache when I go out in the cold and don’t cover them up, so having some sort of ear protection is a must for me in Winter!

While we are on the warmth theme, I also keep a scarf and a pair of socks in my bag too (but they weren’t interesting enough to photograph). I’ve had too many near misses where I’ve got to the yard after work and realised that I have little sport ankle socks on, rather than long riding ones and it’s so vile riding with a big bare gap between the bottom of your breeches and your sock! So now I always keep a pair of long ones in my bag. The scarf is simple enough – it’s nice to have one for when it’s freezing, particularly for riding out and pulling up around my face.


Here are my metal spurs, for when Cee is sluggish (always). Although I don’t always feel confident using them, so recently I bought these Korsteel plastic ones (below), which I feel are much gentler. I keep them both in my bag, along with straps.


Next up are some girly essentials – deo, lip balm and a tampon. These is nothing worse than needing these things and not having them, particularly if I’m going somewhere else after the yard. Sometimes I’ll take dry shampoo and a mini hairbrush if I know I’m certainly going somewhere straight after riding and need to perk up the hat hair.

It’s not always in this bag, sometimes it’s in my handbag or just floating about in the car, but I always have a water bottle on me wherever I go. I can’t stand being thirsty and the tap water from the yard isn’t particularly yummy, so I’m never without a drink. Hey, it’s good for me, too!


Last, but certainly not least (according to Cyryl anyway) are treats! I always like to have treats such as these biscuits to reward him and spoil him!

I’d love to know what everyone else’s kit bag essentials are?


  1. I was hoping to guess 🙂
    I have gloves in every coat pocket all year round. I have a box of just gloves. I buying bulk.
    My bag has a Musto neck warmer, hat, book to read. Water. Pen and pad of paper-its there for some reason.

    I only have one pair of breeches that require the long socks but they are summer weight. But if you get rid of the hem on jods you can still get socks over.

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