A not so happy hack

So today I braved the rain for my first ride in nearly two weeks and unfortunately it was not so great…

Hack map

I haven’t ridden for two weeks (awful, awful person) because I’ve been starting a new job and been absolutely snowed under with all sorts of events and out of hours things, which is tiring on its own, let alone with all the pressure of doing well in the new role.

Anyway, I set out today in the rain, wondering whether to hack or school. Jenny, Sue and I decided to brave it as there was a gap in the weather, but of course the heavens opened nearly as soon as we were on board.

You know those rides where nearly everything goes wrong? Today was one of those. It started off with a huge tractor coming up behind us on a tiny country lane. Obviously we had to wait for a place to pull in and let it go by, but the driver was so inconsiderate and was getting so close behind us, which was freaking them all out. To make matters worse, not only was it an enormous tractor, but one with a huge prong/fork thing on top! I asked the driver to stop, which he didn’t and then to slow down, which he didn’t.

You’d think that being a farmer, he would have understood about the countryside and horses and had the courtesy to wait literally two minutes for us to have pulled over! Anyway, this really wound the horses up and they were all a little spooky.

Other scary monsters we met on the ride consisted of delivery trucks, a bus, a train going over the bridge, a huge log in the hedgerow and a rude cow driving a Range Rover who thought it appropriate to speed past us round a bend at about 60mph! Funnily enough, the scariest object to Cyryl was a puddle which he decided to spook at right in to the path of a passing car.

When we finally got back, poor baby was soaking, so I put him in the solarium to dry off whilst I cleaned the tack and then wrapped him up in double pyjamas once he was dry.

Overall, not the world’s most fantastic hack, but nonetheless we still got out and it was good to be in the saddle.

In other news, the vet came out yesterday for a check up and he is still totally sound – yipeeeee!


  1. Bless you , sometimes it just doesn’t go right, I remember a year or so ago some friends and I went out for a similar sounding hack my lad was as good as gold, we where almost home and a ferocious crisp packet moved lol he went hell for leather back to the farm 🙂

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