An enthusiasm boost

I’ve found a new lease of life during this miserable, windy Winter period and I’m excited to say that I’m back in the jumping scene!


I’ve been lacking enthusiasm a bit recently as Cyryl has been rather naughty and I have to say, over the past few weeks I probably haven’t given him as much time as I usually do. I started a new job and it’s been totally hectic and sucking every spare minute of my schedule. Added to that, it seems to either hammer down with rain, or be a small hurricane every time I try to hack at the weekend.

So today I was meant to be hacking, but it was really dark and rainy outside so I decided to go crazy and set up some poles in the indoor school! I haven’t jumped properly since the Summer so I wasn’t sure how rusty I would be.

We started of with some trotting poles and these really woke him up and got him moving properly. It was nice to see him so impulsive as I think he’s become a bit stale in the school recently.

I didn’t bother changing his snaffle to his gag today as we were only popping over teeny tiny cross poles, but I did make sure that he was really listening to me before I asked him to jump as he can occasionally get overexcited and tank into the fence. I also tend to circle in from the side of the school before the fence so that he has less of a run-up and this generally helps him to not rush.

He was such a good boy and he really loves his his jumping. It was lovely seeing him so excited and enthusiastic, so I’m going to aim to do it much more often, especially through Winer when there’s less to do.

Does anyone one else like to indulge in a spot of Winter jumping?


  1. I personally hate jumping in the indoor, which is the only option in the winter.. But I do as many grids and exercises as possible and try not to do full courses with tight corners, even though they are good practice!

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  2. We’ve had a little jump recently, I’m crap at it so I normally only jump in lessons, but we have been enjoying some pole work and there was the tiniest jump you’ve ever seen in the school so we had a little fun, Nico really enjoys it! I give him his jumping fix by free-jumping him weekly 🙂

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