A gross confession (or two)

This evening in my lesson, I stuck my gloves in my mouth while I did up my stirrups and girth, only to nearly throw up at how rank they smelt!


How gross is that!?!

When I got home, I promptly washed them and I am ashamed to say that the water was very murky… I can’t remember the last time I washed them, which is absolutely disgusting!

I also cleaned the inside of my hat with clothing detergent because let’s face it, sometimes we get a bit sweaty when riding!

Now don’t get me wrong, in general life I am a major clean freak. But something goes out the window when I get to the yard. It got me thinking about some gross confessions…

  • Before today, my hat and gloves hadn’t been cleaned for a long time
  • I sometimes plan my hair washes around riding, so that I go to the yard with dirty hair
  • I have a clothing system where once normal clothes have been worn once, they then qualify to be “horse clothes” and I’ll wear them again to the yard
  • Occasionally I skip out and pick up poo with my hands
  • I let Cyryl drink out of my water bottle

I’m sorry Mum! I know you didn’t raise me to be gross, but horses do weird things to people.

Does anybody else want to confess their gross habits? I dare you!

On another note, I had a great lesson tonight and cantered way more than I have at all recently, woo!




  1. I also put my gloves in my mouth, wear once worn clothes riding and sometimes pick up poo with my hands (only small, difficult-with-a-skip bits but still!). I’ve never given Galahad a drink out of my bottle but although I always wash fruit and vegetables before I eat them I am quite happy to bite carrots and apples into bits for him. Even when they are definitely unwashed, have been in my horsey hands and probably put somewhere not very clean. A lovely habit!

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  2. Haha! I totally get it. I pick up horse poo with my gloved hands and don’t necessarily wash those gloves afterwards. It makes us more resistant to infections, right???


  3. Love this! All horse people do gross things I swear haha! My gross habit confession is that I sometimes eat my lunch at the stables with muddy hands after grooming / stable duties which is pretty disgusting.


  4. So funny and so true! Ticks next to all of the above – so glad I’m not the only one. What is the point of washing your hair before you go down the yard? When you groom your horse at this time of year you end up dirtier (and hairier) then they were to start with!


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