This evening in my lesson, I stuck my gloves in my mouth while I did up my stirrups and girth, only to nearly throw up at how rank they smelt!


How gross is that!?!

When I got home, I promptly washed them and I am ashamed to say that the water was very murky… I can’t remember the last time I washed them, which is absolutely disgusting!

I also cleaned the inside of my hat with clothing detergent because let’s face it, sometimes we get a bit sweaty when riding!

Now don’t get me wrong, in general life I am a major clean freak. But something goes out the window when I get to the yard. It got me thinking about some gross confessions…

  • Before today, my hat and gloves hadn’t been cleaned for a long time
  • I sometimes plan my hair washes around riding, so that I go to the yard with dirty hair
  • I have a clothing system where once normal clothes have been worn once, they then qualify to be “horse clothes” and I’ll wear them again to the yard
  • Occasionally I skip out and pick up poo with my hands
  • I let Cyryl drink out of my water bottle

I’m sorry Mum! I know you didn’t raise me to be gross, but horses do weird things to people.

Does anybody else want to confess their gross habits? I dare you!

On another note, I had a great lesson tonight and cantered way more than I have at all recently, woo!