Review: Equitech thermal under breeches

So this dismal weather means I finally got to try my Equitech thermal under breeches.


I bought these a few months ago and when I was browsing because I always get really cold upper legs if I hack in bad weather. I’ve tried wearing regular tights under my breeches, but they don’t really offer much warmth. However, these bad boys…!

The fabric is very stretchy and thick, but lined with a very soft and luxurious fury inside which feels like heaven to slip in to. What I like most is that the leggings have a large seat panel of extra fabric and this provides ultimate comfort when riding.

When I opened the packet, they looked so tiny I that I thought I’d never fit into them, but they ar super stretchy and fit very comfortably.

Put to the test, they performed really well! I took an hour hack in almost subzero temperatures (crazy, I know) and guess what? I didn’t get cold legs!

I also found that the leggings weren’t too bulky under my regular jods, in fact I could barely tell that they were there.

For £14 these really were a bargain and I could even use them for other cold activities.

My verdict: grab a pair!

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