The cob club (plus Jay) 

Today Cyryl and his mates Tiger, Jay and Hawky set off for a Sunday hack.


From left we have: me on Cyryl, Jenny on Hawky, Cheryl on Tiger and Sarah on Jay.

It was forecast to rain for most of the day, but luckily we managed to get out without being drowned. The boys were all gloriously behaved, despite Tiger not being hacked for a whole nine months due to lameness and Jenny being out of the saddle since before Christmas. We joked that it was because Cobs are the best and most level-headed breed, hence a pleasure to hack. Who agrees?

I feel excited for the lighter evenings and dry weather so hacking can become regular again, rather than just at the weekend. I’m longing to ride in a t-shirt, not have to trudge through metre long muddy puddles and deal with heavy, wet, smelly rugs.

On a separate note, I have discovered a brilliant new blog: The Stylish Equestrain who has inspired me to revamp my equestrian wardrobe. So when I got home, I logged on to Horze and made the most of the last day of their January sale. I must say that they have some brilliant bargains and I wish I could have bought it all. I settled for breeches, a top and a jacket which I shall showcase and review when they arrives – how exciting!



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