Showing season is coming!

I’ve taken the plunge and decided to enter a couple of showing classes next month!



I’m super excited because we haven’t been out competing for ages and I want this to be the first competition of a plentiful summer of shows.

I’m really new to showing, in fact before Cyryl, I didn’t actually like it and thought it was a bit poncey. But then I realised how fun it is, especially when you have a horse who loves to show off and when there are classes especially for you!

I also love all of the preparation. There’s nothing more fun than bathing, pulling manes, chalking legs and cleaning tack ready to strut your stuff.

I told my instructor about my new plans and she helped me practice my individual show in the school. Cee loved the gallop and I got a fabulous medium trot out of him. I think its a fun change for him.

The competition that I have in mind is on 22nd May, so I have exactly 7 weeks to prepare. This may sound excessive, but after winter we are both a bit unfit. I think now the ground has dried a bit, I’ll start doing canter work round the fields and lots more trotting on hacks to up our stamina and also improve his muscle tone.

The classes I had in mind were either Mountain & Moorland Ridden or Welsh Section C & D Ridden. I’m not overly sure what to expect from these as I’ve only ever shown in a ridden horse class before (and we came 5th out of about 25):


Is anyone else planning shows this spring and does anybody want to share their showing tips to this complete amateur?!


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