Goodbye, beautiful Sian

I found out recently that my beautiful childhood pony, Sian, has departed to the land of angel ponies and endless carrots…

Sian cropped

I remember the first time I tried Sian so vividly. I remember walking in to the dark barn and seeing this glossy black horse and thinking how beautiful she was. I remember also thinking how big she was.

She wasn’t, she was 14.1hh, but I had been used to Flicka, my 13hh New Forest pony, who I had sadly got too big for.

I remember how responsive she was. I was gobsmacked after being used to riding lazy, riding school ponies. I thought she was wonderous and so smooth like riding a cloud.

I’d spend hours looking after her and brushing her long, wavy black mane. She loved cuddles and fuss and had the most amazing temperament ever. She was so gentle and so loving.

Sian was a pleasure in every way and she taught me so much. She was my stepping stone to real riding as it were and she was the one who got me in to dressage. I think before her, I didn’t know what it was like to ride in an outline or what ‘on the bit’ meant. But with regular lessons, we cracked it.

Sometimes she was naughty, she was a little speed-merchant and loved to go fast. I remembering cantering in the school once and not being able to stop her. We whizzed round and round, me yelling at her.

What I’d give to sit on her back and feel that canter again. It was without a shadow of a doubt, the most delicious canter I’ve ever experienced.

We used to go on wonderful hacks together around Farley Mount. I’d sing this song to her in the tune of “You are my sunshine” but I changed the word to:

You are my Siany, my only Siany, you make me happy, when skies are grey. You never know dear, how much I love you, so please don’t take my Sian away. 

Sian would always try her best and she always looked after me and never did anything to make me feel unsafe. Even in the later days when she was lame and in pain, she never complained.

I loved that girl so much, and will be eternally grateful for all she taught me over the years. She has a lot to answer for; she cemented my love of horses, something that will be with me for life.

Now she is flying free and I’ll never forget her.

RIP, sweet Sian xx



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