Review: Premier Equine Merino wool saddle pad

Today I’m going to be talking about a product that I’ve been testing for the last few months, as well as sharing the best care tip I’ve heard in a long time!


I picked up this beauty at a show because I fell in love with the thick Merino wool lining and smart look. I’m familiar with how amazing Merino wool is as I own ski wear with it and have always been super-impressed. So I thought I’d let Cyryl enjoy it too.

I went for the full sized, black GP pad, with the intention of using it for general riding, hacking and schooling.

I’ve been using it now for a couple of months and I’ve been really impressed with the quality. The wool padding has stayed thick and even and the fit is great. Sometimes I find numnahs to slide on Cee’s barrel shaped body, but this one gripped and stayed put, even when jumping and cantering out.

I’ve tested it both with and without my gel saddle riser/sticky pad underneath and it worked equally as well in both scenarios.

This may sound weird, but the velcro on the girth straps is really good quality. You know sometimes when velcro goes soft and loses its sticky after several uses? Well this doesn’t.

It also looks really smart and I love the flash of wool which shows in front of the pommel – it looks really luxurious.


Now here’s the bit I’ve been waiting to share… I was at the yard the other evening, collecting up some bits and pieces to take home to wash. I asked my friend how on earth I should wash the numnah and she told me to first smear the dry wool with hair conditioner and then just pop it in the washing machine as normal. I took it home and followed her instructions, and it came out seriously clean and the wool was in ideal condition; soft, thick and fluffy.

After the wash – still fluffy and soft!

I left it to air dry and was super pleased with the results. Even if my other half wasn’t too imressed with the half of Cyryl’s winter coat being left in the washing machine!

Overall, I’d really recommend and I’m going to look in to more products from Premier Equine.


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