Spring has sprung

Spring truly arrived today with the temperature reaching 18 degrees and I’m embarking on a new adventure…

After getting to know and love Spice, his owners had to make the difficult decision to sell him. Unfortunately I couldn’t commit to taking him on, so now he’s found a lovely home. I was desperate to stay at the yard where I have my friends and the amazing hacking.

At at the same time, my instructor was looking for somebody to share her boy, Hooch and so here I am.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying out the gorgeous, 12 year old Welsh D. I honestly think I’m destined to have Welsh Ds. Hooch will be my third one. But what can I say, they are great!

We’ve been doing a mixture of some hacking, schooling and even a bit of jumping, which is rare of me! (Doesn’t the yard scenery look beautiful?) So far he’s been a star and I feel very safe and confident on him, always a plus!

I’m looking forward to getting to know him better over the coming weeks and also getting out and about in this glorious spring weather.

More adventures to come…


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