Sunny Sunday bonding

It’s official, the love affair with Hooch has started.


We’ve has such a wonderful afternoon together today. We set out on a long, sunny Sunday hack with two of my lovely friends and their steeds.

The riding at my yard is fabulous, you really can hack for miles and miles in beautiful scenery with very minimal roadwork. Anyway, enough boasting. We went for a lovely ride through the woods, across the field, round the country lanes past the pub (which was absolutely heaving busy) and then back through more woods and along a ridge where you can see for miles down in to the valley.

The ride was monumental because we had our first canter out. He was a darling. We started out in front and he was great. He did speed up a bit when my friend overtook me, but he listened to me when we were ready to slow and it was overall a pretty smooth ride! It was definitely a moment where I really started to fall in love with this lovely little horse. He hasn’t put a hoof wrong so far.

My two riding pals and their horses

He was quite sweaty when we got home, so I sponged him down and he had some hay in the sun as he dried off. He had his supper and then I rugged him up and turned him out because today is that pivotal day for equestrians when you turn your horse’s routine around so they get turned out at night and come in during the day.

I love it when the horses turn around. It’s so nice having them out for so many more hours each day, it’s so good for them. And also the added bonuses of cleaner stables, less bedding and less feed and hay needed. It’s a win-win situation! The mud has also completely dried up, which makes me feel so spring-like it’s unreal.

Has anybody else turned their routines round for Spring or planning big things now the weather has changed?

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