Why I love this time of year

Longer evenings, hacks in t-shirts and grass in areas that used to resemble quagmires are just some of the reasons why I particularly love having horses at this time of year. Here’s why else I love April…

Why I

  • Not dreading the Saturday morning alarm because it’s sunny outside and actually light when you wake up. Suddenly the morning yard shift isn’t such a chore and you almost skip out of bed to get ready to see your horse. Almost.
  • Riding after work. I actually think there is a direct correlation between this and my happiness levels. I cannot get enough of after work hacking at the moment and I always feel very stress free afterwards. Even more bonus points if I get to hack with somebody and have a good post-work natter.
  • Not having to half wade, half slide down to the field for turn-outs and bring-ins. The once calf-deep mud has now dried up and I can bring my horse in without the impending doom you feel when you know that he’s going to splash mud all up the back of another clean pair of breeches and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
  • Actually enjoying being at the yard. This may sounds strange, but I’m very aware at the moment of how lovely it feels to actually like being at the yard, rather than it feeling like a chore or massive effort. Taking time to chat to friends, having a great grooming session in the sun or watching somebody having a lesson are all great things to do when time and weather allows. Now I don’t have to worry about getting things done before dark or it being bitterly cold or pouring with rain, I can relax and enjoy being there.
  • Fresh starts and things to look forward to. There’s nothing more exciting than printing off show schedules and planning your summer of outings. And then booking lessons and clinics to get ready for them! Spring is the cliche season for fresh starts, but for me getting Hooch, it really is significant at the moment and I do feel excitement for the months ahead!


What are your favourite things about this time of the year?


P.S. I forgot to say! I’m now on Instagram as alifemorehorsey if anybody would like to see what Hooch and I get up to on a daily basis.


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