Bank holiday fun

I’m quite certain that most equestrians would agree that bank holidays are made for maximum horsing around…



So far mine has been a great one! It started off with a trip to Robinsons on Friday after work. For those of you who may not know, Robinsons is a huge tack and country shop, almost like a supermarket. It used to be an absolute treat to drive there, (about half an hour away so certainly not my local tack shop) take a trolley and go mad. I have to say, over the last few years I have found that it has gone somewhat downhill, possibly since being bought out by a massive discount sports brand… say no more!!

But anyway, I still managed to pick up a few goodies including these lovely Robinsons ‘Hold Your Horses’ t-shirts for about £7 each – what a bargain! And this lovely sleeveless Joules top, which I think will be beautiful for Summer! I also wanted something sleeveless because I currently have two-tone arms from riding in a t-shirt all the time!


I then found this amazing Eskadron phone belt. Just what I needed! I’ve recently changed my phone and my lovely Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t fit in the phone pocket of my hi-vis. I also recently had a mishap with my old phone where I leant forward to do up my girth on a hack and my iPhone slipped out of my chest pocket! Luckily Ben was with me on his bike otherwise I would have had to get off, which wouldn’t have impressed me at all!

This belt not only has space for my phone, but also other bits and bobs like my keys and a hoof pick, which is handy because Hooch is barefoot and will sometimes get a stone stuck in his hoof on a hack. It’s made of a lovely, comfortable fabric, I tested it this morning and I couldn’t feel it on me at all, I even kept it on and wore it around the yard when I got back. It has a headphone hole too, which could be nice to listen to music in the school, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a hack because you should have both ears open to listen out for traffic or danger (little preach).

I also picked up some more NAF Lavender Wash which I absolutely love! Hooch gets really hot and sweaty, so this is ideal for a cooling wash after a ride. It’s a no-rinse formula which means I can put some in a bucket of water, sponge him down and then if he’s really hot I’ll pour the rest of the bucket over him which he loves. It makes him smell amazing and the fragrance is really soothing, so I like to think he feels pampered and rewarded after a good workout.


So that was basically my Robinsons haul, apart from some other boring items such as a new whip (why do they disappear so often?!) and some treats.

Hacking is a key part of a bank holiday weekend for me and this morning I got up early and hacked up the gallops. We had a good two hour ride with plenty of long, steady canters to work on Hooch’s fitness. It was quite hot so we also had lots of long walks in the shade, enjoying the incredible scenery.


By the time I had washed down Hooch, done some chores and gave the tack a quick clean, it was lunchtime and the rain was on its way. I went home with Hooch’s dressage pads as I thought they could do with a wash, had lunch with Ben and then got cosy with a cuppa and a stack of horsey mags.


I hope you’ve all had lovely bank holiday weekends so far. What horsey things did you get up to?


  1. Great long weekend! I love the T-shirt with the big flowers I would totally wear that even at my age! The hacking looks lovely and you are so lucky to have gallops to go to. Here I am lucky to have a huge forest area with trails and lots of hills which also helps with fitness and muscle building.


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