New beginnings

I’ve been a busy little bee recently. There’s been a lot going on, both horsey and partially horsey.

New yard New business New beginnings

So as of 1st October, Hooch and I shall be relocating to a new yard. It’s still in the same beautiful area and it’s actually one I’ve ridden by before, so I’m quite familiar with the village. Unfortunately, the owner of our existing yard passed away some time back and his son inherited the yard and wants to pursue his dream of having a cow farm!

The good news is that a whole group of us, probably the majority of liveries, found an empty yard that we are going to take on. It’s quite exciting as we’ve negotiated some changes to be made, such as the school being resurfaced and made bigger! I hacked past the other day and noticed the entire barn has been painted dark brown, it looks lovely.

I’m looking forward to a fresh start and to be inside an American barn for winter! That will be much more pleasant than being outside in the elements and all weathers. The new barn even has a lovely little tea/social area, which I’m looking forward to. Somewhere to make a cuppa on a freezing morning.

I will take some photos the next time I’m passing – it would be nice to get before and after shots of the refurb!

The next slice of exciting news is that I’ve taken a big step and decided that I want to combine my existing profession, marketing, with my passion, horses! The idea of working for myself, doing marketing for clients that I can completely relate to, is my dream. I’ve always kept an eye open for marketing jobs in the equestrian sector, but they are very few and far between.

However, the pros of working for myself are plentiful – I want the freedom to be able to ride in the morning, but to give Hooch a real workout and to not rush, to come home and have a brunch and work through the rest of the afternoon. And I don’t mean that in a lazy way, but my door-to-door work commute can take up to 45 minutes each way. That’s 1.5 hours a day. That’s a whole working day again, wasted each week on just travelling to and from my job! And the desperate thing is my office is about 6 miles from my home, but the traffic and public transport systems in the area are dire. I could spend that extra 1.5 hours per day doing something enriching, such as spending time with my horse, or on my home, or exercising, or cooking, or anything other than sat in traffic! I feel very conscious that life is precious and we should do what makes us happy.

Anyway, bubble bursting, I’m not going it alone just yet. I’m currently running the business alongside my fulltime job. I’m testing the waters to see if my concept is viable and the volume of clients I can generate. It’s a really important time at work now and my employers are amazing, so I’d never leave until everything else was in place. It could take years!

I believe my offering is niche and so far, I’ve been receiving lots of positivity. If you want to know more about the business then have a peep at the website, but my offering is basically tiered monthly marketing packages. Small equestrian and country businesses can allow me to take care of their recurring marketing needs, with different levels of service to suit different types of business. I am also offering pay-per-hour marketing services, such as copywriting and consultancy.

So those are my two juicy nuggets of news for you to catch up on. What’s been happening with everyone here? Are you all ready for Autumn? Hooch is still enjoying the summer grass a little too much – especially with all this rain! We are hoping to do a Prelim dressage test at the end of the month, subject to him behaving himself in lessons! That’s one more thing to keep us busy!


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