Why I love this time of year

Longer evenings, hacks in t-shirts and grass in areas that used to resemble quagmires are just some of the reasons why I particularly love having horses at this time of year. Here’s why else I love April…

Why I

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Sunny Sunday bonding

It’s official, the love affair with Hooch has started.

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Spring has sprung

Spring truly arrived today with the temperature reaching 18 degrees and I’m embarking on a new adventure…

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Spice up your life!

I’ve taken the plunge and I’d like to introduce a new man in my life… Meet Spice!


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How to deal with open spaces and having no brakes

Open spaces are notoriously terrifying. Here are my top tips to riding in them. Cee 4

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A slight chill in the air.

I did something I haven’t done in a long time and rode before work this morning. A lovely hack around the country lanes watching the world wake up…


Autumn Horse Bewitched by Michele Avanti

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What a lot of bad luck

It seems poor Cyryl has been plagued with bad luck at the moment. It’s been on thing followed by another…


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Walk. Don’t underestimate it.

Walking. The boring pace, right? Wrong! Here’s why the walk is awesome…


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Goodbye, beautiful Sian

I found out recently that my beautiful childhood pony, Sian, has departed to the land of angel ponies and endless carrots…

Sian cropped

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